Apple Music GUI. The comprehensively User Interface Design for Sketch.

Free Download (49M)

Updated October 20. 2016

Design with Accurate.

This Apple Music GUI respects the latest Apple guidelines and have been redrawn and restyled as accurately as possible. You’ll need to download the San Francisco font by Apple available from

The web GUI collection you do not miss. Elaborate and Free.

This is a collection of Apple Music UI template design for the macOS in a flexible, 100% vector format, contains 8 elaborate and complete web templates. Each templates is fully customizable, easy to use and carefully assembled in .Sketch file types.

The user interface designs, fonts and any images on the product is owned by Apple and you should respect this. It took hours to create everything, so please don’t repurpose it as your own, or redistribute without my consent.

Free Download (49M)